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Freight Estimation

* Destination
* Cargo Weight (kg)

Warm reminder:

1. The above quotation is for reference only. The actual charge is calculated by the actual weight or light bubble volume weight after packing.

2. Weight calculation method: Comparing the actual weight with the volume weight, the larger one will be charged. Volume and weight are calculated in terms of length X, width X and height 5000 = kg (length in centimeters). For example, the actual weight is 5KG, the size is 45 cm long, 35 cm wide and 31 cm high, that is, the volume weight is 45X35X31 5000 = 9.76KG, the billing weight is 10KG, and the decimal point needs to be carried behind.

3. Please pay attention to the choice of channels, different things choose different channel prices.

4. The quotation does not include destination tariffs, remote or overweight fees.

5. Packing Compensation Method: If the package is lost in transit, our company will compensate for the original purchase value of the package, but the maximum compensation is USD100/ticket. If the value of the package is more expensive, please buy insurance on your own. If the outer packing is in good condition, but the inner parts are damaged, our company will not compensate. If the outer packing is damaged, please check the package immediately before signing and receiving, and obtain evidence from the courier for later claim.

6. Our company refuses to accept the goods prohibited by the state, such as inflammable and explosive products, drugs, knives, firearms, ammunition and accessories, obscene, reactionary publications, etc. If the entrainment is seized by the customs, the responsibility arising therefrom shall be borne by the customers themselves!